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Elyon is the professional platform for the management of properties. Whether you own an apartment, a villa, a palace or even a yacht, Elyon is the professional solution for the complete and profitable management of your property. What sets us apart are proved experience gained through the years, complete professionalism and our team of specialists. Each operation is expertly analyzed, organized and executed with the utmost care, precision and punctuality. The obsessive attention to detail and the sartorial approach.are a key part of our business which have as their objective the maximum profitability and the care of the properties of our customers.

Maximise the potential of your property

Elyon operates with the aim of supporting clients Achieving the maximisation of returns of individual assets and real estate portfolios, identifying the best strategies to increase the value of investments. we provide our costumers the expertise of a team of dedicated professionals able to provide all the technical, administrative and commercial services necessary to ensure effective and efficient management of the properties.

Our services

Accounting, administrative and technical management

Budget, reporting and control of real estate assets

Building Management

Coordination of facility management services

Our asset classes





Opere d'arte

Works of art

Why choose us?

We wish to point out that we operate with the aim of supporting a limited number of properties, Since ours is a work of quality and not of quantity. Before evaluating a management operation, we carefully analyze the case and only if there are all the conditions for an excellent and profitable management we make an agreement with the property.

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