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Opere d'arte

Works of art


Insurance  for  property damage is very useful for owners who want to protect their home, but also for tenants. This type of policy reimburses the policyholder in the event that any damage is suffered to the structure of the house or its contents due to various events: fires, particularly heavy rainfall, gas leaks etc

 Your property will be insured against any eventuality In addition, we will not be responsible for any injury.

Team work

Guest control

By law, each of our guests must send us a copy of his identity document, in order to carry out the necessary checks through the police station.

Edificio uffici


To avoid keys to “pass through too many hands” we will install an electronic device that allows access to guests through a numerical code that will change constantly,  in order to have greater security.

Cortile abitazione

Breaches of the peace

Noise pollution can sometimes be really annoying, up to the point of causing serious cause serious adverse health effects.. To prevent guests from disturbing the peace we will install a smoke and noise detector. P a certain number of decibels, our team will receive a notification directly

Abitazione lago

Professional Cleaning

The cleaning services concern both the care and the cleaning of the common areas, both that of the external spaces if present. With our highly qualified professional partners we are able to guarantee the best  quality standard   of cleaning

Abitazioni lusso

Strict Rules

We insert very strict rules for the guests of the property. In addition, through the platforms we use, we have access to the guest’s credit cards; therefore, anyone who does not comply with the rules will receive a penalty.

Architettura design

Floating properties management

Our structure has particular organization and care also in the case of boats and luxury cars, as well as private jets and helicopters. Many of our customers, making a limited use during the year, entrust us with the management of their boats or private jets for short and medium term rentals, with the aim of obtaining a total coverage of maintenance costs and a profit.


We wish to point out that we operate with the aim of supporting a limited number of properties, Since  ours is a work of quality and not of quantity. Before evaluating a management operation, we carefully analyze the case and only if there are all the conditions for an excellent and profitable management we make an agreement with the property.